Sampler's 3D Capture (Beta)

Substance Sampler has a new beta feature which you can use...

Creating scene with Opacity maps and Planes

I wanted to try out a way to create complex looking scene in a way which...

Behind the scenes #2

Today I'm going to showcase bit of my texturing workflow. In the past I've been using lots of textures from various...

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New prints available!

New canvas, framed and metal prints available on my Society6 shop.

Behind the scenes #1

In this series I'm going to share some stuff that I'm doing "behind the scenes" when I'm creating artwork...

Testing out Stager and streaming

Today I decided to test out how smoothly I can run Stager while streaming it into my Twitch! Everything started out quite well...

Cloth Pack

Includes ten cloth simulated .OBJ models for creators!